Nadeem Ahmad Sheikh, Farhad Ali, Muhammad Saqib, Ilyas Khan, Syed Aftab Alam Jan, Ali Saleh Alshomrani, Metib Said Alghamdi. (2017). Comparison and Analysis of the Atangana–Baleanu and Caputo–Fabrizio Fractional Derivatives for Generalized Casson Fluid Model with Heat Generation and Chemical Reaction. Results in Physics. (I.F 1.337)

Management Sciences Group

Department of Management Sciences
Team Leader
Miss. Samra kiran
Personnel Profile
Shahzad Khan has completed his Master of Sciences (MS Management Sciences) from Institute of Management Sciences in 2011 and currently a doctoral candidate at International Islamic University Islamabad and has completed PhD Course work and comprehensive examination and working on dissertation. He has more than 40 national and international publications.
Group Members
1) Mr. Saqib Shahzad,
2) Mr. Shahzad Khan,
Graduate Students
Factors of Employee?s Wellbeing and their impact on turnover intention and organizational commitment: A case study of PTCL, Peshawar.
Antecedents & Consequences of compassionate management 
A case study of private bank, Pakistan
Impact of Realistic Job Preview and On the Job Behaviors on Organizational Citizenship Behavior.
Effect of Personality Traits And Organizational Culture on Organizational Conflict With Moderating Role of Selected Demographics: A Case Study of Telecom Sector Peshawar
<<Undergraduate and Graduate>>
Group Publications
? Shahzad, S. (2014). Determining job satisfaction of non-permanent employees: A case study of sub-contractual Firms. International Review of Social Sciences, Vol. 2(1).

? Shahzad, S. (2013). Moderating role of procedural justice and empowerment in transformational leadership with its impact on organizational commitment. International Review of Management and Business Research, Vol. 2(3).

? Shahzad, S. (2013). Determining Motivation through Reward (A study of Palace Continental Hotel, Pakistan). International Review of Management and Business Research, Vol. 2(1).

? Shahzad, S. (2012). Role of relational and transactional contract in employee turnover intention (A study of business affiliated institutions employees of Peshawar, Pakistan). Journal of Asian Business Strategy, Vol. 2(6).

? Shahzad, S. (2012). The influence of push, pull and personal factors on employees turnover (A case of medical representatives from Peshawar region). Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, Vol. 3(12).

? Shahzad, S. (2012). Role of NGOs in uplifting the socio economic conditions (A study of flood affected areas of Peshawar, Pakistan).Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, Vol. 3(12). 

? Shahzad, S. (2012). Job Satisfaction of Sub-contractual (third party) employees: Pakistan?s Perspective. City University research Journal , Vol. 2(1)

Conference Presentations 
Papers presented in 1st international Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Management and Sciences (ICETEMS-2014)

? Measuring Moderating Effect of Power Distance between Facets of Job Satisfaction and Overall Job Satisfaction: A Comparison of Public and Private Sector Pakistani Organizations
? Determining the outcomes of compassionate management: A case study of private banks in Peshawar City.
Available Research Opportunities (Graduate and Postgraduate Level)
Workplace Behaviors, Realistic Job Preview, Organizational Justice, Compassionate Management. Organizational Citizenship Behavior


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