Nadeem Ahmad Sheikh, Farhad Ali, Muhammad Saqib, Ilyas Khan, Syed Aftab Alam Jan, Ali Saleh Alshomrani, Metib Said Alghamdi. (2017). Comparison and Analysis of the Atangana–Baleanu and Caputo–Fabrizio Fractional Derivatives for Generalized Casson Fluid Model with Heat Generation and Chemical Reaction. Results in Physics. (I.F 1.337)

Research Projects

1. Run Of The Mill Power Generator For CUSIT Canal
2. Comparative Analysis of 132kV Grid Stations in Peshawar
3. Design and Implementation of automatic Pressure sensor setup
4. Design and Implementation of flood lights using LEDs
5. Modeling and Analysis of Solar PV System for City University
6. Grid Connected Dual Axis Solar PV Tracking System 
7. Design, Simulation and Synthesis of FPGA based OFDM Transceiver
8. Real Time Object Detection and Tracking Using Kalman Filter with Adaptive Background Updation
9. RF Energy Harvesting For Small Power Electronic Devices (ICT Funded)
10. DC Servo Motor Speed and Position Control with Variable Load Using PID Controller
11.Intelligent Traffic Light Control System Using Image Sensors (ICT Funded)
12. Multi-Controls Mines' Detecting and Marking Robot (ICT-Funded)
13. Wireless Monitoring and Analyzing system for of power System's Parameters (ICT-Funded) 8. Efficient Energy Saving System for Domestic Use 
14. Priority Based Cost Effective Utilization and control of Multi Energy Sources 
15. Reliable Power System with Increased Protection of Distribution Transformers
16. Factors of Employee's Wellbeing and their impact on turnover intention and organizational commitment: ?A case study of PTCL, Peshawar.
17. Antecedents & Consequences of compassionate management . A case study of private bank, Pakistan
18. Impact of Realistic Job Preview and On the Job Behaviors on Organizational Citizenship Behavior.
19. Effect of Personality Traits And Organizational Culture on Organizational Conflict With Moderating Role of Selected Demographics: A Case Study of Telecom Sector Peshawar
20. RFID based vehicle and employees authentication system 
21. Speed and direction control of a robotic vehicle using wireless link
22. Jun 2012 -July 2014 
The Development Of Mathematical Model For Free Convection Flo In Non-Newtonian Brinkman Type Fluids, Amount:RM 60,000 Sponsor:GUP(Vot #02H80) 
23. Jan 2012 -Dec 2014
Mathematical Modeling of boundary Layer Flow and Heat transfer of Viscoelastic Fluid past a Sphere, Amount:RM 125,000 Sponsor:FRGS(Vot#4F109)
24. May 2011 -Apr 2012
Convective Boundary Layer Flow over a Three Dimensional Stagnation Point with Internal Heat Generation, Amount:RM 40,000 Sponsor:GUP(Vot#03J62)
25. Jan 2011 -Dec 2012 
Mathematical Modeling of Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer From Exponentially Stretching Surface, Amount:RM 63,000  Sponsor: FRGS(Vot#4F019)


Research Groups

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